Fall 2017
Instructors: Josh Bard; Brian Peters
Location: Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh, PA

Members: Erin Fuller, Leah Kendrick, Evan Lehner, Longney Luk, Xiaoying Ming, Stephanie Wong
Photos by Longney Luk
From the transitional stages of fall to the harsh winter season in Pittsburgh, a public urgency of environmental communities demand accessible and affordable microclimate shelters for plants to grow and harvest.
Methodology of the design approach incorporate unrestricted environmental learning opportunities while physically involving new ways of teaching the public.
Siting strategies within the city’s historical botanical landmark tie critically to the necessary exposure to visitors. The small-scaled contraption mediates the interaction between humans and Phipps Conservatory as a host. Placement of the Hoop House provides alternative methods of rethinking the outside spaces of conservatories at a larger scale.

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