b. 1998, Houston, Texas 
Longney Luk is a fifth year architecture student studying at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is set to graduate in 2021 with a Bachelor's of Architecture degree. 
Throughout his academic career he has surrounded himself closely to the school’s immersive pre-college outreach program, publication committee, academic research, and student-run platform, inter·punct. In spring 2018, he worked closely under Sarah Rafson of Point Line Projects as the school’s publication assistant for an end-of-the year exhibition, The Exchange. In addition, he assisted in preparing for the NAAB accreditation gallery exhibition. In the following year over the summer, he worked as a teaching assistant for the Carnegie Mellon Pre-College Architecture Program. Recently over the summer of 2019, he spent his time as an interdisciplinary design and research assistant for Professor Dana Cupkova and Marantha Dawkins of Epiphyte Lab. During his fourth year fall studio, he learned building systems and programming of a residential high-rise closely under Akhil Badjatia. His school accomplishment includes placing third for Epic Metals Competition 2019 as a third year student and achieving The Measuring & Monitoring Services, Inc. Award in his fourth year. 
His primary focuses are on workflow representation, ecosystemic value, ecological building system, and architectural criticism of contemporary living with the intent advocacy of promoting social wellness and sustainable public health.
He currently lives in Squirrel Hill, PA where his free time consist of occasional single-geared bike rides through the neighborhood hills between preserved woods and golf courses. He loves creating music playlists and sharing them to his friends. He has also written and edited a few music articles for The CUT. 

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